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A Stolen Coin (Wynter Jones)

watercolor, pencil and ink on paper.

11" x 11"



Grab the mirror and gaze at all your formal imperfections, the lack of symmetry on your face, the sun blemishes, the skin creases extending with each movement you make... When you find an angle of your face that is worthy for a tik tok video, start sketching with pencil first. Pencil forgives and ink does not. Pencil is better at guaranteeing perfection! Once you are pleased with your stoic representation of self, sketched in pencil, bust out the water and jars of ink. As you work through the values of light to dark, remember, your face is not your own. It belongs to the guild of merchants that have considerable power. They will decide your fate. And you will either become worthy of having your face engraved on a coin.... or not.

A Stolen Coin (Wynter Jones)

SKU: WJ-41

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