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Citrine-like ring (AG8 Studio)

Citrine-like & 925 silver.


Care note: Wear often to keep it shiny! Remove while using cleaners or chemicals. Allow any lotions, perfumes, and makeup to dry before putting on your jewelry. These are also chemicals and can tarnish or stain your piece. Store in a dark and dry space. A ziplock bag can help as well as reusing the desiccant packets that come with items from the store.


Artist note: I say Citrine-like because I’m fairly certain, but not absolute, about the stone. The bezel under the stone is highly polished to allow it to glow even in dim light. My interest in becoming a silversmith was to create ways to wear and carry with me all the amazing stones and shells I find at the beach, desert, or forest during my travels. You notice a wide variety of stones in my work making each piece individual and original.

Citrine-like ring (AG8 Studio)

SKU: AG8-08

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