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Extinct, Still Here (Galadriel Watson)


Consider a trilobite. Consider a trilobite, a marine arthropod quietly swimming in an ocean up to 521 million years ago. Lived. Died. Sank. Was buried in sediment, the impression of its shell left to harden into rock. Consider a father, a geologist with a rock hammer in hand. He unearths the trilobite. Many trilobites. Takes this species for his consultant business’s logo. Engraves its image on the wooden case of his microscope. Consider a mother, a crafter. Reproduces the trilobite in fabric, a 1970s palette of forest green and beige. Hangs the quilt—destined for décor, not a bed—high on the wall. Consider a child, stepping past fossils lining the stairs. The trilobite omnipresent, the cloth copy peering down. Develops an affection for this curious creature, a link between present and way, way past. Consider the child now grown, an artist. When she thinks of “wonder,” “rare,” “unfamiliar,” the trilobite pops to mind. She draws it. Carves it. Inks it. Prints it. Frames it. Offers it to you.



Key words: trilobite, fossil, geology, magnifying glass, dictionary

Key color: black Key shapes: rectangle, organic

Wunderkammer category: exotica

Name of inspirational artist: Ola Volo

Materials used: linoleum, ink, paper, dictionary pages, embroidery thread

Extinct, Still Here (Galadriel Watson)

SKU: GaWA-01

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