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Ezarith: Guardian of the Ether (Amber Glassman)

Ingredients : dreams, earth, sky, wind, ocean , oblong, naturalia, Blue, orange, purple, Leonara Carrington, paper clay, wire, sea shells, feather, naturally dyed and recycled fabrics, wire, glass beads, acrylic paint, stuffed with buckwheat hulls and ocean pebbles


7 “ sitting upward

all together about 12” long & 3.5” wide



Recipe: Ezarith is a guardian of the ether and a wisdom keeper . Flying beyond time, he keeps secrets and brings wind and nostalgia wherever he lands . He holds a calm and whimsical presence, reminding us to never forget the longings of our hearts. Ezarith was born intuitively , with not much of a plan, only a deep sense of wonder . Although he came through me he belongs to the soul of the world.


Care: Keep out of direct sunlight , may be posed with care , meant to sit upright

Ezarith: Guardian of the Ether (Amber Glassman)

SKU: AmGL-01

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