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Flower Frog (Shari Erickson)

Dedicated to my late mentor and friend Oregon Artist Kathleen Butts


Acrylic paint Claybord Rose of Sharon petals, Weathered wood, Twigs, Fae mist


Ingredients Frog, Fern, Flower, Phosphorescence Iridescence in violet and green hues, accent with lichen and bark. Organic structural. Twigs and forgotten project weathered wood.


Naturalia flavoring


Instructions Arrange dried Rose of Sharon petals to make prints. Mist with dew. Secure the petal auras with etched expressions. Conjure a little Pacific Chorus Frog to hang out. Make a frame of wood from a loved one’s forgotten project tossed in the forest, once meant as a gift, now only a long ago broken heart. This will reconnect the love that bounced, back into the universe. Enlist lush sword ferns and forest foliage to impress upon the reverse side some mysterious silvery ornamentation. Add a tiny handle to invite a reflective gazing, like a strange mirror. Construct a twig easel. This is an act of Mephistophelian frustrations. You must placate and gently encourage the independently minded twigs to work together for the good of all. Lastly and most importantly, offer up your mini creation for others to engage and experience.


Art is for everyone! - Chef Shari Erickson This is an interactive piece meant to be picked up and inspected closely. As long as it is handled with respect, it will be fine with being touched, except for by dogs and teething children. Also, definitely no beavers even though it’s the official animal of Oregon.

Flower Frog (Shari Erickson)

SKU: ShER-01

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