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wonder meals  |  call for artworks.

Welcome to Wonder Meals, a group show that focuses on the art of wonder, with a tiny twist!

For this group show, artists not associated with the gallery are welcome to submit ONE artwork to be considered for participation -- if selected and included in the show, artworks will be available for purchase via our catalog and exhibited in the gallery till the end of June (with the same package and commission structure we adopt for current artists). Unless differently agreed, unsold pieces by local artists will need to be picked up at the end of the show (end of June). 

Interested? Send your proposal by no later than June 16, via email 

Kindly note that incomplete submissions or submission sent after this deadline will not be considered.



Won·der   /ˈwəndər/     noun

a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.



Wunderkammer (cabinets of curiosities), frequently considered the precursors of modern museums, made their debut during the Renaissance with the aim of showcasing a wide, diverse array of artifacts and objects that frequently leaned toward the rare, the eclectic, and even the esoteric. These cabinets were all about telling wonderful stories about the world one inhabits – its history, peculiarities, and unique attributes. 

Frequently, these cabinets were organized in four categories:

  • Artificialia (e.g. objects created or modified by humans, such as art);

  • Naturalia (e.g. creatures and natural objects – with a particular interest in monsters);

  • Exotica (e.g.  exotic plants and animals); and

  • Scientifica (e.g. scientific instruments).

The ultimate goal of these cabinets was to create a deep sense of wonder in their viewers. Engaging with wunderkammers meant questioning one’s eyes, being surprised, encountering the unfamiliar, embracing the unusual, feeling a deep sense of curiosity. It was about titillating one’s curiosity and appetite for the unknown and the beautifully inexplicable.


The challenge

With this group show you are challenged to explore what WONDER means to you. You are free to use any medium and style – however, for your piece to be included you MUST provide a recipe and your ingredient list alongside the artwork(s) you submit. There are also size limitations (see below). Note that the submitted work must be a new, original work (aka no recycling unsold pieces – engage with the theme instead!).


The ingredient list should include:

  • Up to five words (nouns) foundational to the work (e.g. table, horse, sky, gem, dirt)

  • The key color (or palette) of you piece (e.g. orange)

  • The key shape(s) at the basis of your artwork (e.g. square, circle, triangle, organic, etc)

  • Where you’d position your artwork in light of the 4 wunderkammern categories (Artificialia? Naturalia? Exotica? Scientifica?)

  • The name of one artist that inspires your work in general (and likely in the piece)

  • The materials used to make the artwork – please be more specific than “mixed media”.


The recipe is a story (maximum 300 words) you wish to tell about the piece.

It can be a description, an explanation of your process, or even a poem to accompany the artwork.


Size limitations

The artwork should fit in the space occupied by a dinner plate. It can be 3D yet, if so, it would need to fit on top of a plate.

For the purpose of our show, the dinner plate has a 11” diameter. Art that exceeds this footprint will not be accepted.


Display requirement 

[framed artworks] Position the hanging string so that the artwork does not tilt – usually a string ~2 inches lower than the top border works well. No saw tooth hangers.

[artdolls] To avoid tilting, ensure that the hoop is not too low (especially if top heavy).


What to include in your submission

  • Your name, postal address, preferred email address and preferred phone number 

  • Title of the artwork 

  • Cost to the public (imperfecta uses a 50-50 structure so ensure you price your work accordingly)

  • Recipe (see note above)

  • Ingredients list (see note above)

  • 3-5 good quality/resolution images of the artwork (if files are too large, feel free to send a link to an online folder)

  • Any relevant care instruction for the artwork 


Key dates 

  • Proposal submission by June 16

  • Notification of acceptance by June 23

  • Presales of all artworks open on June 29 

  • Delivery of work to the gallery: by June 29, 2024 - If shipping, please email us - do not ship to the gallery as we are not open everyday.

  • Open/launch party: July 6 — 5-7pm

  • Exhibit Runs through July 27, 2024

  • Unsold artwork local pickup by July 31

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