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April (LittleSwimminMachine)

Materials: Air dry clay, hand dyed plant cotton fabric,sari silk ribbon, vintage cotton and lace fabric, organdie, natural unbleached fibre, imitation gold leaf, beads.


Doll size: around 11 inches/28 cm


Artist note: "April" is the name given to the spirit of a young girl first perceived in an upstairs bedroom in the Ermatinger House. "A china doll placed on a chair would move to the bed, silk ribbons on the door handle unreveled by themselves, and clumps of the same colored silk thread would be found on the dresser." This is how I imagined April and her little doll.


Care instructions: Keep dry, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not pull or brush the hair. This i s a NOT posable doll.

April (LittleSwimminMachine)

SKU: FL-05

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