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Elderberry Witch (Pupillae)

Artist note

I have always felt that nature had a soul trying to manifest itself. Legends about beings have always fascinated me. When I was a child I used to go to the woods and meadows with my father, being a herbalist, to photograph plants, so I have a fair knowledge of the plant world. This doll combines these two passions because it represents the soul of the Elderberry.  The Elderberry tree is also called the witches' wood because as it ages, it hollows out inside and, due to the blowing of the wind, it produces a sound resembling a chant. It was believed that every elderberry tree contains a witch.

Materials: Paper clay, stabilized tree root, cotton yarn for the embroidery, linen fiber for the hair, wood beads.

Size: ~19 inches tall

Price: US$ 600 (plus shipping)

Care note: Keep away from direct sunlight, dust with a soft cloth

Elderberry Witch (Pupillae)

SKU: GP-02

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