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Marguerite (LittleSwimminMachine)

Materials: Air dry clay, destressed and tea stained cotton fabric, coffe stained sinthetic fabric, organdie, vintage fabric, vintage lace, sari silk ribbon, unbleached natural fiber.


Doll size: around 12.5 inches/32 cm


Artist note: 

An example of a strong mother, wife, healer and nation builder Marguerite McLoughlin was known in her life time for her beauty and strength of character. Buried on the grounds of the McLoughlin House, next to her husband John, I imagined them spending eternity together even after the end of their life.


Care instructions: Keep dry, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not pull or brush the hair. This i s a NOT posable doll.

Marguerite (LittleSwimminMachine)

SKU: FL-10

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