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McLoughlin House (LittleSwimminMachine)

Materials: Air dry clay, wool, organdie, vintage cotton fabric, wool locks, sari silk ribbon, metal frames, imitation gold leaf, flower stamens.


Doll size: around 10 inches/25 cm


Artist note: 


The house of John and Marguerite McLoughlin is typical of residences that were built along the East Coast in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, of post-and-beam or box construction. Today, the house is restored and tells of the life and accomplishments of John McLoughlin, known by many as the "Father of Oregon." In my McLoughlin house there are different stratifications starting from the bottom to the top. The base represents the interior of the house as I imagined it before the restoration, with a wall stained by humidity and age but with two perfectly kept portraits of John and Marguerite. Further up the wool represent the warmth and security of a family household, the bodice stands for the wood panels and finally the hair for the chimney. At the base a decoupage heart, just for “Home Sweet Home!”


Care instructions: Keep dry, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not pull or brush the hair. This i s a NOT posable doll.

McLoughlin House (LittleSwimminMachine)

SKU: FL-08

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