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The Collector  (Marco Calvi)

ingredients for quiche wunderpalate: 150g water from the fountain of eternal youth; 300g flour; 10g of salt; 30g of golden olive oil; 2 basilisk eggs; 150g of New Guinea furfish; 1 lobster with eyebrows; 50g dragon cheese; 500g of broccoli; 1 devil's pepper


Recipe: pour the water into a large bowl. Add the golden olive oil and salt. mix quickly. add the flour and mix everything together. let it rest for half an hour. boil the broccoli until it is soft. drain them and place them in a tall bowl. add all the other ingredients and mash the mixture to obtain a green cream. lay out the quiche dough on a baking tray. fill it with the green cream. top with a few slices of dragon cheese and bake everything in an oven fueled by the flames of hell. when the quiche is golden brown and the cheese on the surface has melted, take it out of the oven. let it cool and serve with a glass of blood of judah.

The Collector (Marco Calvi)

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