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The Gifted Fountain (LittleSwimminMachine)

Materials: Air dry clay, sari silk ribbon, vintage tulle, lace remnants.


Doll size: around 12.5 inches/32 cm


Artist note: 

The Historic Fountain at the Mcloughlin House was gifted by the local community in 1911 by The Oregon City Woman’s club as a memorial to Dr John McLoughlin. The fountain consists of four parts: a concrete-lined pool, a concrete base, a cast iron pedestal decorated with standing birds and a water basin once topped by a figure of a child with parasol. I envisioned the fountain as an anthropomorphic bird capturing its recent conservation in neatly wrapping and manipulating the fabric along the body, arms and wings an but leaving the feet, hands and face rough, with the paint running over the surface. My intention was to portray the past, the present and the future of the fountain. Its white ruffle collar represent the fountain water basin.


Care instructions: Keep dry, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not pull or brush the hair. This i s a NOT posable doll.

The Gifted Fountain (LittleSwimminMachine)

SKU: FL-07

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